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  One to one

consultation services

Individual consultations can be booked to address your own particular needs. Each person has different priorities as well as a unique set of genes and environmental exposures (including diet, lifestyle, experience and infection), which may manifest  themselves in their physical state of health and well-being.  Whilst we do not diagnose conditions, we investigate what may have led to any health issues that you have or performance challenges that you are experiencing and seek to find practical solutions.  Some of the areas we work in are illustrated below. Further information may be found on the pages: Vitale Health or Vitale Sport


Managing Chronic Conditions

Personalised nutrition strategies can be devised, based on your individual circumstances.   We aim to identify any nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to your state of health and a bespoke programme, that is agreed with you, can be devised.  Laboratory testing and/or nutritional supplements may be recommended, where appropriate.


Chronic conditions, such as digestive discomfort, join pain and fatigue can be exhausting to manage and may be stressful or even isolating.  We aim to provide you with strategies that help you to manage your condition and to address some of the underlying issues which may be involved.

Positive Vitality Strategies

Founded in the principles of 'Functional Medicine', we look at health as a positive vitality and not just the absence of identifiable disease.  If your aim is to have more energy, feel more positive, have healthy skin, hair and nails or reduce the signs of aging, we are able to work with you to devise a supportive programme.

Weight Management

Weight management can be stressful and difficult. Calorie based systems do not always work in the long term because they may not be founded on the best food choices for you, as an individual. They can sometimes leave you feeling tired and hungry, which can make it difficult to follow a diet plan. Calorie restriction alone may affect your metabolism so that you put on more weight, if you stop dieting, which can be dispiriting.  


We work with you as an individual to try and identify  reasons why you are finding it difficult to achieve your body composition goals and aim to modify these to give a more targeted focus to your nutritional strategy.  We focus on nourishing you and addressing any imbalances, so that you have enough energy and feel satisfied after eating, whilst effectively managing your weight.

Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition

Preparing for a baby can be exciting but it can also be stressful, if not everything is going to plan.  A healthy pregnancy starts with the nutritional status of both the mother and father, so a little advance planning may make conception and pregnancy run more smoothly. Making small adjustments to diet, can sometimes have large effects on preparing couples for pregnancy. If you are struggling to conceive, have suffered miscarriage or have a family history that may make pregnancy more challenging, a nutrition consultation may support you and your partner.

Other Professional

Nutrition Services

1  Media Articles.

We can provide high quality articles and written content for magazines, leaflets, promotional material and educational literature, on the subject of health and nutrition.

2  Workshops.

These are run on a variety of topics, including Immunity, Bone Health, Nourishing Children,  Healthy Aging and Digestion. They take place in different local centres, on a regular basis. Bespoke workshops can be organised, for groups, on request.  

3  Workplace Programmes

We aim to support employee welfare through programmes designed to reduce absenteeism, low energy and stress and to enhance productivity, well-being, staff retention and contentment.  We can provide relevant employee presentations/workshops, with advice, tastings, and one to one consultations, as part of your employee welfare scheme.  

4  Group programmes.

We schedule groups focusing on particular goals.  Popular groups include weight loss, pregnancy and pre-pregnancy. Having the support of others following the same programme can be motivating and these groups are designed to be affordable, fun and sociable.

5 Menu Analysis

We are able to analyse diets and meals, either for individuals, families, groups or in a catering context and provide guidance on how to make changes appropriate to specified goals.

6  Talks and Lectures

We give talks to small groups on a number of nutrition related topics. These can be on a wide variety of topics to suit your group and might include educational talks in schools, using seasonal produce in cooking, antenatal health, debunking diet myths and surviving Christmas.

Functional Nutrition for Health and Sport.
Sports Nutrition

Whether you are an elite sports person, are engaged in sport recreationally, wish to prepare for an event or just want to keep yourself fit, we can devise a programme for you that takes into account your specific aims and unique physiology and metabolism.  See Vitale Sport Page

NLP Consultations

Having information is not always enough.   Sometimes we need a little help to make the changes that may support us in our goals.  The way we behave and our beliefs around food can impact on our success in making positive choices to achieve our desired outcomes.  NLP coaching may support you in achieving clarity in what you wish to achieve and provide support in taking steps towards towards making successful choices.

Metabolic Testing

Sometimes it may be appropriate to carry out some focused biochemical testing to help identify unique factors, or imbalances in your body which could be limiting in the achievement of optimal health, weight loss or personal goals  They may also be used to identify any potential deficiencies or increased nutritional requirements.  Relevant tests may be discussed in the context of a full nutritional consultation.

Genetic Testing

Occasionally, gene testing may be discussed.  There are several common variations in genes that may have an impact on how some metabolic pathways function and which may be affected by diet and lifestyle factors.


Having this information may help to focus any nutritional or other strategies. However, very careful consideration is given before proceeding with this type of test.  Only genes which may be modified through nutrition or other individually controlled factors are examined.

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