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Vitale Sport


The regular dietary and lifestyle habits of those who participate in physical exercise can have a significant impact on their performance and overall health.  Athletic activity and sporting performance can also affect nutritional and hydration requirements, which will vary according to the type of activity engaged in, as well as individual physiology and genetics.  We aim to support your physical goals, at any level.  



How can we help?

Whether you are interested in general fitness, have a particular event for which you are training or are engaged in your sport at an elite standard, good personalised nutrition is a key ingredient in your preparation and we can put together a programme for you, which reflects your unique individual needs.  Body composition, endurance capacity, recovery time and injury prevention may all be influenced by nutritional intake and timing.


All of our work has a sound foundation in scientific research, and we keep up to date with the latest developments, so that we are able to apply what is most relevant to you and make modifications, if we believe that you would benefit from them.  Your programme is therefore as organic and adaptable as you are.  


In addition to taking a detailed health and performance history, we consider the influence that your genes may exert upon your particular skills, abilities and challenges.  If you would like to investigate this aspect more deeply, we are able to carry out genetic testing to see whether there are any particular genes, which may have the potential to affect your performance.  Such testing would look only at genes which are potentially modifiable through diet and lifestyle changes.  However, metabolic testing may be considered first.



How it works

Consultations may be offered  in different ways, according to need and practical considerations:

  • One to one private consultations.  It is essential that a minimum of the first consultation takes place in person.  This may take place at the athletes club, at a mutually agreed third party location or at one of Vitale's usual consultation venues.

  • It may be helpful to observe the athlete in training/competition in order to best match a programme to requirements. Meetings with the coaching/management team may also be requested, to ensure that the nutrition programme fits in with the training and development strategy.

  • Group sessions may also be offered to teams.  This may set a baseline, to provide a mutual starting point from which individual focus can be refined.

  • Although face to face meetings are preferable, subsequent individual consultations may, under some circumstances,  take place over Skype or other online meeting forum.

  • Access to testing may be offered.  This may provide further information about your unique biochemistry, to better tune your nutritional programme.

  • You may request a DNA profile.  This would look at modifiable genes that could potentially affect sporting performance and strategy,in order that a more focused nutritional strategy may be devised. 



What we provide

A minimum programme consists of a initial consultation, which will last up to ninety minutes and a follow up of 45 minutes.  


A report and nutritional programme will be provided after the first consultation.  Adjustments may be made to this plan, after the second consultation.


Follow up appointments may be scheduled at intervals agreed during the second consultation.  However, depending upon your own circumstances, further follow up appointments are not always necessary.

What you provide.

You will be expected to fill in a detailed questionnaire about your health and lifestyle, as well as relevant family health factors.


You will be asked to provide a detailed food and drink diary over four days, including weekends. 


Please allow enough time to complete this, so that it is received by us at least one week prior to your appointment.


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