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Your goals are our goals.


We aim to support you in achieving your desired outcome and will not make assumptions about what you want. We understand that everybody is different and that what works for one may not suit another.  Below are some examples of areas in which we have experience.   To see all of the areas we work in see 'Services' 

   Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic health condition can be physically and emotionally exhausting.   A consultation with a trained nutrition professional may help you to investigate some of the underpinning factors which could be affecting your health and devise strategies to mitigate them. Supporting your body in coping with your condition, may lead to improved overall health and an improved capacity for healing itself.  

    Digestive Health

Digestive problems are very common and they can be both distressing and socially isolating.  The whole body is affected by what takes place in the digestive system, so addressing even mild symptoms may be important for general health.  Small adjustments to diet or lifestyle may have major effects, often in  unexpected or seemingly unrelated areas.

     Weight Loss

Managing weight can be challenging and it may be hard to navigate the large volume of often conflicting advice or information available in the media and commercial weight loss companies to find what is the best way forward for you.


A healthy body composition is founded in each individual's own biology and its unique relationship with food, exercise and environment.  The reasons why a person makes their food choices may also be quite complex and addressing these, together with diet and lifestyle, is more likely to lead to successful outcome.


We work with individuals to find a way forward for them, taking into account all of these factors as well as considering  underlying conditions that may require medical referral.

Fertility, pregnancy and children's health.

The health and nutritional status of both parents is increasingly being acknowledged to affect fertility and successful pregnancy, as well as the future health of a child.


The health status of the mother is usually the main focus, when couples are planning for a baby.  However, a sperm takes about three months to mature and its quality can be affected by dietary intake and other lifestyle factors, within individual control.  It is, therefore beneficial to consider the preparation of both parents in optimising the chances of conception.


Sometimes conception can be challenged by conditions affecting the mother, such as a hormonal imbalance.  In this case a bespoke nutritional programme may be particularly supportive.

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