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Working with your goals 

to support you in helping yourself towards optimised health,

maximised performance, increased vitality and 

management of chronic conditions.

The Practice



We specialise in nutrition for the promotion of health, wellbeing and the optimisation of sporting performance.   We are passionate about what we do and the ongoing well being of our clients is at the core of the practice. 


It can be confusing when searching the mine of nutrition information available in the press, social media, lifestyle magazines and on internet sites. It is sometimes conflicting and it can be difficult to work out what is reputable, scientifically sound and/or relevant to you.  


One size does not fit all.  It may not be clear how even the best researched information may relate to you as an individual. Each one of us is a unique combination of our genes and our environment, which includes  diet, lifestyle and experiences, as well as where we live and what we breathe in or touch.  We may not respond in the same way as another person food, physical challenge, stress or any other factor.  

We work with your health goals and seek to support them in a way that is carefully personalised for you and your unique genes, biochemistry and lifestyle factors.  However, we do not diagnose or treat your condition.  Instead we aim to support you by seeking to address underlying biochemical imbalances, encouraging your body systems to work together better, which may help optimise its functions and lead to improvements in your health.  We also take into account how your plan can best be accommodated within your own life circumstances.  

The human body is remarkable in adjusting to and compensating for those dietary and environmental factors which could potentially be harmful and we may take this for granted, until a health problem arises.  In fact, it can take many years of imbalance before a person experiences symptoms of a health condition and sometimes these symptoms may be accepted as 'just one of those things' or as a natural part of becoming older. However, addressing some of these imbalances may provide surprising improvements in symptoms.

We take the long view.  A situation which has taken years to develop is unlikely to resolve overnight.  We, therefore, encourage you to be patient,  committed to the process and  kind to yourself.









In brief...



We seek to educate, so that you can take control of your own health.


We hold workshops, talks, and provide written media. 


We apply up to date scientific evidence to the creation of bespoke nutritional programmes and educational materials. 


We support

  • Digestive health

  • Management of chronic conditions

  • Immune health 

  • Allergy and intolerance

  • Sport and exercise performance






A nutritional consultation does NOT replace a visit to your GP or other medical specialist and we may recommend that you have your symptoms a doctor

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